10mg/ml 60mls (yk-11)

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So what makes YK11 so special, other than its value as a powerful SARM? You see, in addition to being a SARM and acting as a potent androgen with minimal adverse side effects, YK11 also acts as an effective myostatin inhibitor!

Myostatin is a protein that, when present, limits the growth and production of muscle tissue. By inhibiting myostatin, you can literally increase the test subject genetic potential to build muscle tissue! Sounds almost too good to be true, but it is not only true but scientifically proven. The scientists wanted to know why YK11 was so much more anabolic than other SARMs, so they deactivated follistatin (a naturally occurring myostatin inhibitor).Once the researchers did this, YK11 lost a significant amount of its anabolic properties. This proved that, in addition to acting as an androgen and an anabolic via androgenic pathways, YK11 also acted as a truly effective myostatin inhibitor, significantly boosting its anabolic effects!


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